Infographic: A World Without Oil

posted by Shannon on February 22nd, 2011

infographic: a world without oil

a world without oil

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17 Responses to “Infographic: A World Without Oil”

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by 1 Block Off the Grid, Denae Gemmrig, sbbedy, jrfalla, Laura Lamond and others. Laura Lamond said: RT @1bog: We just published a new infographic: A World Without Oil. Tell us what you think! [...]

  2. Chris May says:

    Excellent graphic… everyone should know what the term Peak Oil means and the developing implications on our economy and society. We’ve entered the second half of the age of oil and it’s going to be a rocky slope. Everyone needs to note that Peak Oil is a predicament, not a solvable problem. Get your town on today.

  3. Jeff Wolfe says:

    Great graphic, look through the whole poster. A bit stark, but only if we do nothing. We have the solutions.

  4. Neal Gorenflo says:

    There’s a serious omission in this infographic – the impact of oil depletion on FOOD PRICES which disproportionately impact the poor. Over 1 billion people on the planet live in extreme poverty. Rising food prices would push these folks toward starvation. This process is already underway.

    So while the infographic may already seem stark, the situation is actually worse for billions poor people, never mind moviegoers and house paint consumers!

    1BOG, please redo this. It’s does not do the poor justice.

  5. Cynthia Bingham says:

    I will try this out.

  6. Prashant Choudhari says:

    Scary enough cos most of us would be alive to see it….!!

  7. Teifion Tom Felix says:

    The usual scare stories, UK not mentioned (shows us how important our actions will be in reducing consumption) Also climate change/CO2 – The Jersey cow breed on its own will cause more CO2 than GM and Toyota together (production AND use) in one year
    PS 79.74653% of all stats made up;-)

  8. Paul Edgington says:

    Don’t know why you mentioned global warming as not mentioned above.
    Does it matter if the UK not included in list of example counties?
    Which of the stats listed do you think are made up?

  9. Frederick Wolfe says:

    Oil is a much of an addiction as any drug ever know.

  10. John 'Compost' Cossham says:

    Why is it that in the ‘What can we do?’ section, it only mentions personal transport and alternatives such as solar, wind and water power? The biggest part of our carbon footprint, in the UK at least, is our diet… food and drink. Oil is used for ploughing/tilling, applying fertiliser and pesticides, harvesting, storage (ie refrigeration), processing equipment, and plastic packaging.

    A lower carbon diet, which uses less oil and other fossil carbon, is local, in season, and is low in animal products or eschews them altogether. Vegetarianism and veganism is the way to go, or just very occasional meat, vermin such as rabbit, squirrel and pigeon being the least energy intensive…

  11. Eddie Alexander says:

    We have been sucking the Crude Oil bottle for way too long… past time to wean off it!

  12. Steve Niles says:

    I do not see the liberals out with pitchforks yelling about the price at the pumps… Wow its winter and the gas should be lower… And to think we blamed Bush and cried when the price at the pump was like this in the summer!!! DRILL DRILL DRILL

  13. Gati Nazeni says:


  14. Roseann Reilly says:

    go to‘>

    get solar updates http://www.One Block Off the Grid or Infographic: A World Without Oil ===we have about 41 years of global oil left to use up.

    lock off the Grid” to learn about global oil usage, how to get solar on your home.

  15. paradigm shift says:

    price at the pump is determined before a barrel of oil ever makes it to US shores. drilling more is stupid and will just ruin our environment faster….

    humans are stupid and self centered period; americans are the most conceited self absorbed of all; ‘greatest’ generation isn’t great; you are leeches getting rich off of others’ misery..

    china and US ruined copenhagen to continue making cheap money from oil, canada whined about US clean energy standards ruining their disastrous tar sands, bluefin tuna will go extinct faster due to less and less of them leading to higher and higher prices basically eating them to extinction…

    only personal consumer choices make any difference, ride a bike, boycott chinamart….

    saudis etc have a balancing act to perform, like trained monkeys for the west and most in america have blinders on; they recently reduced estimates or proven reserves by 40%…

    at what cost is clean water and clean air, not getting cancer less important than aholes driving giant suvs to chinamart????

    THAT is real world trade off of drill and eff everybody else crowd.

    I guess drill baby drill dude thinks everybody on gulf going through ANOTHER oil spill now are all just ‘externalities’ you are truly a neocon denialist tea partier clone.

  16. Donald Beckman says:

    In an effort to promote solar once again 1 block of the grid has posted incomplete information about natural gas and fracking as dangerous. Their concerns about fracking fluid migration and waste water disposel have been addressed by the industry. Besides the proprietary formulas of each companies fluids makes IDing any offenders a snap.

  17. Marc S says:

    The cars representing the commuting show 7.8 and the text says 8.8…
    Otherwise a nice visualisation.

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Infographic: A World Without Oil

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