Infographic: America’s Report Card

posted by Dave Llorens on September 7th, 2011

About This Infographic

This infographic represents the results of a very informal poll we took of One Block Off the Grid members, both via email and social media. We got 293 responses, with an average of between five and six responses per state. To calculate the grades, we used a really basic method of assigning a number to each letter grade (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0). Because the cut off for each grade was x.0, grades did skew somewhat downward. That’s why Minnesota ended up as a C: 3+3+2+3+3+3=17/6= 2.83.

If you’d like to take the poll yourself, please do! If we get a significant number of new responses, we’ll update the infographic with new grades. We may also use plus and minus grades next time around, to reflect the nuances of the state grades a little more.

As an election related footnote, we got 7 responses from Illinoisians and 8 responses from Texans.

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By Dave Llorens

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16 Responses to “Infographic: America’s Report Card”

  1. Soumendra Jena says:


  2. Steve Waller says:

    I don’t see DC on the list. We have already packed our roof with PV, but the old Google map photo doesn’t show it. This is a great exercise, but it under-estimates our savings by 50% or more.

  3. Brent Brewington says:

    I don’t trust these results…yet. How could such small sample sizes possibly represent the millions of people from each state? And also, in the footnote it says that it was only One Block off the Grid members who were polled. Something seems fishy here. Nice infographic, though. I just think it would provide a much more powerful message if more than 5-6 people per state were included. So, 1bog, what is your plan for doing this? I’m excited to see the later results.

  4. Terry V. Jorgenson says:

    How does 5 b’s and a one c result in a c? Minnesota

  5. Hank Crone says:

    Colorado’s lookin’ alright to me, straight B’s, mountains desert prairie, forest, alternative medicines. Yup, lookin’ good.

  6. Dave Mahoney says:

    5 or 6 responses per state?

  7. Matt Groener says:

    Statistically meaningless data and pretty infographics do not cancel each other out. I can’t believe I wasted time on this to find out the sample rate was smaller than our Congressional Representatives. For shame!

  8. Catherine Cavanaugh Martin says:

    This is pretty interesting. I really would have ranked Wisconsin more highly than this infographic does. However, they only had a total of 293 responses, which averages 6 per state – not exactly statistically significant!

  9. Bruce Alan Maurer says:

    We rated ourselves as a “D” in Environment, Education and Medical Care. Woot!

  10. Kirsten McKeen says:

    Looks like I need to move to Colorado…

  11. Cobey Cobb says:

    A “C” in natural beauty for Alabama? Must be all of the fat people who are unable to even step outside their door.

  12. Rob DiFazio says:

    What an amateurish poll.

  13. Felix J. Justiniano says:

    There should be a Global version of this lol

  14. Josh M. Shepherd says:

    Whoever did this poll – and paid to have a very nice infographic made from it – needs to go back to Statistics 101. You needed a sample size of roughly 100 to 300 people from each state to make this statistically significant. Total bogus info.

  15. Sam Greene says:

    wtf, who put this together

  16. Gene Bannister says:

    interesting stuff

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Infographic: America’s Report Card

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