Infographic: The Dangers of Natural Gas

posted by Shannon on May 12th, 2011

Infographic: The Dangers of Natural Gas


Ok, so these days, in developed countries like the United States, the average household has about 35 electrical appliances. The average annual cost of using these appliances is about $1,100 and if you live in a state where electricity is expensive*, that annual price tag goes up to about $1,600 a year. In five years, you’ll pay somewhere between $1300 and $1900 a year to use your fleet of devices, and that’s only if you don’t buy anything new to plug in between now and then.
Not likely. Analysts say the small electrical appliances market is still growing like gangbusters . Baby boomers are moving to the South and Southwest where houses are big and air conditioning use is high. The electric car market alone is expected to present a significant new draw on the grid nation-wide. All good for the economy, right? There are just a few problems. For one, in the U.S., grid power is fired primarily by dirty fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, so any increased pull on the grid means more CO2 and particulate matter in the air. The other is that utilities are raising their prices, on average, by six percent every year.
The question, then, is this: as the average houshold’s energy needs increase, will people be willing to pay a higher and higher percentage of their income to utility companies every year? Or, will they reach a tipping point where they see their own roofs and yeard as a way to reduce or even eliminate this growing annual spend?
*California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Alaska, or Deleware.

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10 Responses to “Infographic: The Dangers of Natural Gas”

  1. Kathleen Gibbs says:

    This is a great graphic… very helpful and informative… I do wonder, though, how West Virginia came to look SO MUCH like Kentucky.

  2. Fiona Nicholson says:

    What do you think about natural gas?

  3. Diego García Woodman says:

    Infografía… Los peligros del gas natural.

  4. John Hamlin says:

    Natural Gas is not really that ‘clean’ (really, geee), great info graphic and overview. We really need to focus on other new sustainable and lower impact energy sources.

  5. David Llorens says:

    West VA graphic is fixed. Thanks, Kathleen.

  6. Laurie Jeanne Jackson says:

    Add Wyoming to the hot zones. Formerly pure well water near fracking sites looks like gray mud and is flammable.

  7. Steve Dennis says:

    Wouldn’t this be a more compelling blog if there were actual facts included? In particular, is it speculation or is there proof that the practice of hydro-fracing has caused problems in ground water and fresh water aquifers? Hope everyone understands that natural gas occurs in ground water at times where no oil or gas drilling has taken place – it’s natural. “Relatively new” I guess covers a technology that has been around for over 70 years, has been done on hundreds of thousands of wells, and has allowed this and other countries to become more energy independent. When alternative methods of energy such as solar become actually viable, I’ll be the first in line to purchase it and convert my home and car. I’d prefer the author to state what it would take to make this country sustainable on alternative energy methods such as solar, wind, biofuels, etc. As of now, the media and the uniformed reason that all they have to do is convert everyone to cars that plug into outlets and all the countries energy issues will be solved. Where do they think that electricity comes from? I believe that if researched, the number of windmills and solar panels required to make a dent in our needs is unrealistic – at this in the foreseen future. I believe that the present companies manufacturing alternative energy methods are going broke or are heavily subsidized, by the government. Bottom line is if this country no longer wants fossil fuels – don’t buy them. Compare pricing for a gallon of anything compared to a gallon of gas. What’s more expensive, a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas? Which one is mandatory for getting you to work and back, cooking your food, warming you water and heating your home? Try doing that with a gallon of milk or a solar panel. Let’s stop the politics and biases and just state the facts and let us collectively come up with the best educated methods for improvement and best practices to move forward.

  8. Linda L Martin says:

    We not only generate electricity with natural gas but we bring this awful stuff into our homes for heating space and water. Reduce your consumption and reduce the pollutants in your home that may be making you sick. Call Mirasol Solar Energy Systems at 505-892-6406 for solar thermal heating solutions!

  9. Bobby Joseph Witewolf Garafolo says:

    @Steve Dennis. If you want more facts watch gasland. People all over the east coast were able to set the water from their faucets on fire. That’s just one example of the problem with natural gas. It burns cleaner, but the processes of getting it to it’s final destination is detrimental to environment. The reason politicians are jumping on the bandwagon is because the oil companies and rich guys (T. Boone Pickens) who have invested money into the natural gas reserves have lobbied the s**t out of politicians. Sad world when all we can do is talk on a forum and nothing can be done because the people with the power just pay off people to make more money no matter what the effect because they think they’ll be dead before any change happens.

  10. Allen UncleAllen says:

    It’s sad to see people still pointing to Gaslands as something factual.

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Infographic: The Dangers of Natural Gas

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