Infographic: The Hippie Continuum

posted by Shannon on April 28th, 2011

Infographic: The Hippie Continuum

Infographic: The Hippie Continuum

Ok, so these days, in developed countries like the United States, the average household has about 35 electrical appliances. The average annual cost of using these appliances is about $1,100 and if you live in a state where electricity is expensive*, that annual price tag goes up to about $1,600 a year. In five years, you’ll pay somewhere between $1300 and $1900 a year to use your fleet of devices, and that’s only if you don’t buy anything new to plug in between now and then.
Not likely. Analysts say the small electrical appliances market is still growing like gangbusters . Baby boomers are moving to the South and Southwest where houses are big and air conditioning use is high. The electric car market alone is expected to present a significant new draw on the grid nation-wide. All good for the economy, right? There are just a few problems. For one, in the U.S., grid power is fired primarily by dirty fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, so any increased pull on the grid means more CO2 and particulate matter in the air. The other is that utilities are raising their prices, on average, by six percent every year.
The question, then, is this: as the average houshold’s energy needs increase, will people be willing to pay a higher and higher percentage of their income to utility companies every year? Or, will they reach a tipping point where they see their own roofs and yeard as a way to reduce or even eliminate this growing annual spend?
*California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Alaska, or Deleware.

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33 Responses to “Infographic: The Hippie Continuum”

  1. Erica Etelson says:

    Even though I work for the competition (Sungevity), I love this!

  2. April Burton says:


  3. Nico Crisafulli says:

    Wow, you manage to alienate every member of our society. I like!

  4. Pooja Palan says:


  5. Laura Parisi says:

    Totally love this! Except for the dig at ultimate frisbee, because it IS definitely a sport. Throwing a disc around barefoot in the grass is not. But sprinting for hours in cleats = sport.

  6. Scott Klauminzer says:

    Yup, somewhere between level 5 & 6. ‘Nuff said

  7. António Fernandes Coelho says:

    same here.

  8. Cass Eponym says:

    Saw this on High Heels and Honey Bees blog. I think I’m the level 5 NPR hippie.

  9. James P Sims says:

    I know NONE of these people… or do I?

  10. Magdalena Emanuella Karolak Corrado says:

    Love it!

  11. Peter Kelly says:

    An unfriendly image for dial-up. Surely it could have incorporated more text and less image.

  12. David W. Reed says:


  13. Joyce Lewis says:

    We never rated our hippie level. We just were. We believed we were powerful enough to change the world and damn it we did!! And you haven’t seen nothing yet!

  14. DiAnne Kelly says:

    Home Solar Power Discounts – One Block Off the Grid

  15. Mike Rainy says:

    WHOOPS-never under estimate our effort to levitate the PENTAGON!

  16. Mike Rainy says:

    never under estimate our effort to levitate the PENTGON!

  17. SaraDay Evans says:

    whoever wrote this is obviously no hippie! :). Please allow me…. Level 8: you are a political activist, actively working to change the world for the betterment of all mankind. You were raised by real hippies who took a stand, sacrificed careers for the cause of stopping wars, hid draft dodgers in the basement, and were proud of being hippies, long before hipsters got ahold of the term and long before fake hippies morphed into “yuppies”. You have minimal environmental impact, live off the grid, but stay politically active and work to educate others about the importance of renewable energy, permaculture, preserving our natural resources, and the list goes on.

  18. Patrick Polski Stelmach says:

    This is great. I’m totally a Level 6 Hippie 2.0! Check out Reset San Francisco’s webcast tomorrow about SF’s solar incentive program, GoSolarSF:

  19. Brenda Wood says:

    OMG I am a 6 or a 7 – make it stoppppppp!!!!!!

  20. Kirsten Ritschel says:

    i wanna get off the grid!
    not ready to go solar? You can help make it mainstream (your burning man camp did it too):

  21. Alex Bernardin says:

    LOL. I think I’m a Level 5 Hippie :)

  22. Lauren Sheil says:

    I’m a 1 – if it costs less I’m in…

  23. Ricardo Cruz says:

    I think Im pretty much like #1, and you?

  24. Emerson Franke says:


  25. Bahar Zaker says:

    My neighborhood is an unsavory mixture of #4 and #5, but I hate ‘em all

  26. Heidi Mead says:

    for whatever reason, GO SOLAR!

  27. Joe Kress says:

    Yippee skippy we’re all SOME kind of hippie! We’d all be ‘solarized’ by now if we’d added low cost solar water heating as we started to in the ’70s (and now mandatory for new construction in Hawaii). Not as glam as PV panels but effective at reducing the overall enviro impact.

  28. Jasper Brinton says:

    Pennsylvania where are you? Doesn’t the sun shine on you?

  29. Ron Castle says:

    The basement for our off grid house will be finished TODAY! We are going off grid because it is the best return on investment we can make. Screw Wall Street and bye bye TVA. Visit and see what’s happening with off grid solar.

  30. Rebekah Sink says:

    Which one are you?

  31. Lisa McWilliams says:

    Level 8 : Green Divas and Dudes
    1. I really was a hippie striving to live off the land back in the ’70′s
    2. I took a break in the ’80s and 90′s and let my kids watch TV, but still recycled
    3. I went back to eating meat but it has to be organic grass fed and free range
    4. I donated my Armani suits from the 90′s to charity, compost again, but I still shave my legs

  32. I am the bumper sticker hippie no doubt :P! nice post!

  33. Mary says:

    Wait! Where is Tibet? Tote bags aren’t cool? I do like the concept of saving money… doesn’t everyone? Frisbee isn’t a sport?!?!

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Infographic: The Hippie Continuum

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