Mike Holmes wants to tell you about solar

posted by Ashley Seashore on June 21st, 2013

mike holmes wants to tell you about solar

MIke Holmes, host of “Holmes on Homes”

We take solar education seriously around here, so any opportunity to help increase awareness and intelligence around the benefits of adopting our favorite renewable energy is something we jump on. Today, we’re taking it in a pretty exciting direction. Our parent company, Pure Energies Group, has worked out a cool partnership with Mike Holmes, host of “Holmes on Homes” on the HGTV channel and general good guy when it comes to anything home-related.

He’s got a great piece up on Make It Right already, detailing everything from how solar works to how to get the best performance from your panels when dealing with roof pitch, shading, daylight hours, and more. It’s a fantastic 101 on solar and a great place to start educating yourself.



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  1. Thanks a lot for describe about solar and make it right.

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Mike Holmes wants to tell you about solar

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