Infographic: What’s Your State Good At?

posted by Dave Llorens on December 16th, 2010



More on How We Ranked Each State’s Energy Policy:
When ranking each state’s energy policy, we looked at three key factors: how much the state is doing to encourage energy efficiency through its policies and practices, how much the state is doing to encourage renewable energy through its policy and practices, and how much the state is doing to encourage solar energy adoption specifically (both residential and commercial) through its policy and practices. We also oh-so-subjectively awarded extra points for any special accomplishments such as significantly lowering the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. Primary sources that informed our scoring include the 2010 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, the 2010 State Summary of Renewable Energy Portfolios and the 2010 State Summary Solar Report Card by Solar Power Rocks (

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More Sources for The State Superlatives:

By Shannon Coulter

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100 Responses to “Infographic: What’s Your State Good At?”

  1. Missy Cécile Ribeiro says:

    Les Etats qui peuvent être fiers:
    Le Vermont a les habitants les plus intelligents selon 21 critères différents (le classement de 2006 ici).
    Le Delaware a le plus de doctorants.
    C’est dans le Connecticut que les Américains vivent le mieux, basé sur trois critères: l’éducation, les qualités du système de santé et le niveau des revenus.
    La Californie a le PIB le plus important.

    Les Etats qui ont des soucis:
    L’Alaska a le plus fort taux de suicide.
    Les habitants du Mississippi sont les plus gros.
    L’Illinois a le plus fort pourcentage d’habitants membres d’un gang criminel.
    Le Nevada a le plus fort taux de grossesse précoce.

    Les Etats dont on ne sait s’ils doivent se réjouir:
    C’est dans le Rhode Island que l’on fume le plus de marijuana.
    En Oregon, on trouve le plus grand nombre de villes fantômes.
    Le Montana a la plus grande population de grizzli.
    Le Colorado est le premier producteur de bière.
    Le Minnesota a le plus grand centre commercial du pays.

  2. Shelly Hacker says:

    what about dc?

  3. Ludovic Cantais says:

    Etude assez marrante…

  4. Isabelle Lebeau Lernould says:


  5. Heather Kimberly Minnich says:

    well good ole West by God Virginia…lolol….and and the funny part is I am from Rhode Island the drug state and live in West Virginia the toothless state..LOLOL

  6. Niek Yang says:

    this is so true….

  7. Denise Cecchini says:

    j’irai dormir moins bête

  8. Demented Dingo says:

    Wow NY does something right! They also hav e a great ADAP program.

  9. Barbara Gomez says:


  10. Sagiv Hadaya says:

    Awesome presentation :)

  11. Luke Adams says:

    @Jennifer I think that’s literacy, not illiteracy rate. BTW, which state are you from? :)

  12. Jennifer Sayers says:

    Vermont is the smartest and Utah is illiterate…now it all makes sense.

  13. Beau Monaghan says:

    Nice. Then why is CA so poor?

  14. Shon Isenhour says:

    Found this kind of interesting…

  15. Megan Weinerman says:

    illinois has more gang members than anywhere else. who knew?

  16. Loic Le Bourg says:

    i want a “what s u re state worth at?”

  17. Doug MacPherson says:

    Love this map!!!

  18. Steven Kristoffer Jonas says:

    I’m curious as to why Oregon gets a negative for energy policy.

  19. Bob Donahue says:


  20. Terran Washington says:

    hahaha Ohio

  21. Robert Anhalt says:

    118% more residents? Does it have 118% the number of residents (the same number of residents plus an additional 18%)? or is it 218%? “more” implies an inherent 100%, so “118% more” would be the original 100% plus 118% “more”.

  22. Aaron Wellborn says:

    I don’t know which is the funniest, Rhode Island, Nevada, or Oregon.

  23. Steven Kristoffer Jonas says:

    Updating my earlier comment, giving Oregon a negative energy policy rating clearly must be a mistake.

    Shannon cited three reports from two sources. In the ACEEE report, Oregon is three in the nation. While the Renewable Energy Portfolio rating of 70 is merely average, even when that score is factored in the Solar Report Card, Oregon still gets an A.

    Furthermore, Solar Power Rocks ranks Oregon the highest in their Solar Incentive Summary and Oregon is ranked 6th in the State Tax Credit Overview. In the rest of SPR’s reports Oregon is consistently in the top ten.

  24. Marie Berrier Oui says:

    See what’s your state is good at (or not!)

  25. Storm Tussey says:

    Can’t believe Vermont got a So/So on Energy Policy….We need to do something about that.

  26. Eddy Webman says:

    Mon tiercé gagnant: Vermont, Mississipi,Delaware … devinez pourquoi :-)

  27. Reynolds-Anthony Harris says:

    Next time, do include the District of Columbia and all the U.S. Territories

  28. Erika Moe-Wendelin says:

    Yay Colorado!

  29. François Pillas says:

    Ok qq clichés qui ont la vie dure… même si certains états ont d’autres spécialités que celles qui sont décrites ds ce document

  30. Jamal Nicolas Rezzoug says:

    Je n’ai plus qu’a m’inscrire dans un gang.

  31. Lori Schmidt Knisely says:

    Just what does your State do best?

  32. Steve Workman says:

    I thought for sure that Ohio would be #1 in slow drivers in the left lane!

  33. Scott Pavkovich says:


  34. Richard Lapointe says:

    Très bien fait! À quand le tour du Canada?

  35. An D Koenig-Feldman says:

    Not too shabby, Jersey isn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

  36. Krystal Wood says:

    Very, very interesting…. :)

  37. Holly Ward says:

    I knew it – Colorado rules.

  38. Jin Kim says:

    Very interesting!

  39. Will Bradley says:

    I’m doing a survey about how each state is perceived:

  40. Stephanie Johnson says:

    It would be fascinating to see the same thing done with different regions in France.

  41. Patrick Paige says:

    You might want to double check your Tennessee fact. Shelby County is home to Memphis. Shelbyville (in Bedford County) is home to the TN Walking Horse and is more likely the county you’re referring to.

  42. Oren Falkowitz says:

    This is great – but NO D.C. is disappoiting!

  43. Min Li says:

    hahaha…Poor Mississippi, fat man is the most famous lol~~

  44. Ruth-Claire Weintraub says:

    LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) has been begging people to use solar (et al) and will buy back any excess power generated from your equipment. There’s a tax break once you have a system installed but the cost of installation is fierce; so far very few people have been able to afford to switch. I live in hope, however.

  45. Yongkang Liu says:


  46. Craig Snodgrass says:

    This is what they highlight for West Virginia – it is tops in toothlessness. Thanks a lot!?! I guess that is better than being tooth in toplessness

  47. Sherri Laird Mass says:

    Pretty cool….

  48. Kerry Antrim Foster says:

    maybe we should move to Northern Va

  49. Adam J. Williams says:

    Go Utah!

  50. Elderbob Brannan says:

    Texas is a good Wind Energy production site.

  51. Vivien Shane says:


  52. Sébastien Delille says:

    Have a look at this !

  53. Amy Eiland says:

    There’s more to NY than the city!

  54. Rosalie van Putten says:

    What is your state known for?

  55. Mary Ellen says:

    I found this list very interesting – I already knew more than I thought.

  56. Jason Waters says:

    I knew I liked Washington for more than the scenery. Highest % of non-religious people? My kind of state!!

  57. Michael Bowery says:


  58. Jakob Schedler says:

    yeahh, colorado number 1 in beer production

  59. Valerie Sumpter says:

    Interesting stuff!

  60. John Gietzen says:

    Why is Kansas sad?

  61. Jeanne Alter says:

    Based on the number of brewerys I wasn’t too surprised about Colorado… I expected more on fitness though than being skinny at least judging by the number of people running up and down the Incline, Pikes Peak, and actively trying to get hit by a car while “exercising”… Leave me to the couch…
    Couch Potatoes of the World Unit!!!

  62. Tesa Hayashi says:

    Where’s DC & its 1st-place >31/100k murder rate & where’s Idaho’s potatoes even though I’ve lived here for years & every potato I ever ate came from Washington?

  63. Aqui O'Guri says:

    ….west virginia is tops in toothlessness. It has the highest percentage of adults 65 and over who have had all of thier natural teeth extracted (40.5%). Yes, Red neck state!

  64. Jayson Jordan says:

    What does and the presence of gangs have to do with energy policy? Answer: nothing. This is nothing more than liberals pointing fingers at states that aren’t as green as those really awesome states. And this obsession with demonising carbon is absurd. Then again, we need more propaganda to further the myth of global warming, nature isn’t cooperating.

  65. Mark McCullum says:

    Yeah, we have wind in Texas. Yes we have windmill farms…MIles upon miles of windmills cranking out electricity. You would think it would be cheap alternative to gas fired electric plants, but far from it. Someone seems to think that the more they build the more it will drive down the cost. I can’t help but wonder what the carbon footprint is for each one of these huge suckers, and how many decades is it going to take to offset all of the energy it took to manufacture, transport, erect, and maintain each one of these windmills cranking out “free” “green” electricty.

  66. Liau Heng Fui says:

    check this out !

  67. John I. Carney says:

    I think the Tennessee entry is mis-reported. Shelby County is equivalent to Memphis and its suburbs, either the first or second most populous county in the state, and I would imagine has a quite small horse-to-human ratio. Shelbyville, where I live, is in Bedford County. It is the home of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, and the county has numerous horse farms, making it a much more likely candidate for the highest horse-to-human ratio.

  68. Mark Young says:


  69. Irfan Musthafa Kamil says:


  70. Tess Smallridge says:

    Poor Nevada.

  71. Angela M Adams says:

    Wahoo! go Michigan!

  72. Chang Zhou says:

    MA ranks #1 for speeding tickets…

  73. John Grantner says:

    I’m so proud to be an Illinoisian!

  74. Dawn Lee says:

    I would totally move to Colorado …

  75. Ruiqi Meng says:


  76. Chloe Lin says:


  77. Tom McMahon says:

    We educated eastern elitist, seem to be hated, I kind of take it as a compliment, better to be intelligent than not, if people don’t like you because your smarter thats called jealosy, and if your religious, jealosy is a sin. So you see we really don’t care what you think because you are jealous and believe in invisible God who you claim talks to you. Thats crazy shit

  78. Jamie Wilson says:

    We hit deer with our cars better then anyone else

  79. Billy Hubbard says:

    Mississippi. All we are good at is being racist and having fat people apprently. I mean it’s not like we were the birth place of the blues. Nor have we had plenty of famous actors, authors, and athletes from our state. We are just a bunch of backwoods, sister loving, racists who don’t know the first thing about fancy “yankee” folk or their new fangled tech no logicaly stuff.
    I would insult you, but where I’m from, we’re taught to be polite to people. Even if they are assholes.

  80. Kate Frey says:

    psh of course everything about NY is about stupid NYC

  81. Candess M. Campbell says:

    Check this out if you want to make a difference this year!

  82. Nick Meisner says:

    Colorado = PURE BEER OWNAGE. Also, we have a very good energy policy.

  83. Summer Zhang says:


  84. Cian Hannafin says:

    Have to approve of Washington’s standing here, nice going guys! :)

  85. Gillian McKay says:

    Of everything there is in the state, they had to go with THAT? Then again, it is a natural/renewable energy power site, so that rather explains a lot.

  86. Ziggy ThePiggy says:

    Good Job Rhode Island, good job.

  87. Anonymous User says:

    Nevada #1 in meth use, teen pregnancies and foreclosures. Whoo hooo!

  88. Bas Raaphorst says:

    speeding tickets in Mass? I remember the Pike to be one big traffic jam…

  89. Amanda Zirn says:

    Yay for Delaware :)

  90. Christine L. Moskalik says:

    the optimist in me needed to search out the good in each state…

  91. Christina Jones Dickerson says:

    i believe there is a typo on arizona. just sayin.


  92. Anonymous User says:

    Why is there a sad face for Utah? I mean yeah, I hate living here, but the things mentioned are all good, right?

  93. Aaron James Duff says:

    So everyone in Oregon in Bi, (or just hyper perverts) and we got the most Ghosts towns, I can’t deny the first one, but I want to buy a ghost town now and turn it into a rave, It’d be so cool!

  94. Susanne Nan Bayes Koenig says:

    So why didn’t they put the charitable giving before obesity? I am so tired of people trashing Mississippi. As Morgan Freeman said, this is a good place to be if you’ve been in a Hurricane. Thirty years living here and never had to change my own tire or lock my doors. I suppose fat people don’t steal much, eh?

  95. Amelia Pitts says:

    I’m not quite understanding how South Dakota being the home of the Sioux nation makes it the “best”.. no offense intended to the Sioux Nation at all, I’m just not getting the “and that makes this state the BEST at that” part of it.

  96. Fernanda M Samia says:

    So that’s why all my Rhody friends are the coolest. Ha!

  97. Aimee says:

    What. A. Shame. There are many wonderful things about West Virginia that you could have–and SHOULD have–highlighted.

    Thank you for proving once again that it’s still socially acceptable to make fun of and stereotype people living in Appalachia. This would NEVER be acceptable with any other minority or people group, but hey, it’s “just” West Virginia.

    If you want to know what WV is about, come & visit. We have the New River Gorge Bridge & Recreation area. We have Seneca Rocks. If you like scary/creepy, visit the Moundsville State Penitentiary. If you like great small towns, visit Lewisburg. If you like glamour and old-school class, visit The Greenbrier.

  98. velo enfant says:

    Hello, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this article. It was inspiring.
    Keep on posting!

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Infographic: What’s Your State Good At?

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