Infographic: Why the U.S. Military is In Love With Solar Energy

posted by Dave Llorens on January 26th, 2011

why the military loves solar

why the military loves solar

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By Dave Llorens

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8 Responses to “Infographic: Why the U.S. Military is In Love With Solar Energy”

  1. Abu Bakr Ladd says:

    Solar Energy is like a Sign from God

  2. Norma Nicholson says:

    Join me is going off the grid and creating your own energy. Stop wasting money (and fuel) by cutting the cord to the power company. There is no better time than now with the CAP & TRADE that is going to skyrocket the cost of power and all other forms of energy.

  3. Glenn Fay says:

    Great stuff, couldn’t have said it better myself!

  4. Stewart Young says:

    Just think of all roof area on schools and fire stations, Now think solar !!!

  5. Christopher Smith says:

    We’ve been very proud to serve the US Military with Mobile Solar generators, and look forward to new opportunities.

  6. Carl Smith says:

    400 k barrels a day!!!! and that is in peace time, maybe an army now marches on the fuel bowser

    Love the solar powers vest though

  7. Rob Cavanaugh says:

    @Carl Smith
    Peacetime… what world do you live in?

  8. John Woodhouse says:

    so with out war i could live on the cheap… hum…1.25 a gallon i could actually save money and pay for my house and ect ect..

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Infographic: Why the U.S. Military is In Love With Solar Energy

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