4 Different Types of Solar Installation

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Solar technology offers remarkable versatility, with the ability to install solar panels in various settings. These installations can range from rooftops and parking lot canopies to open fields and even bodies of water like lakes or ponds. 

They are commonly categorized into four main types, and that’s what we’re going to talk about here. Without further ado, here are the four different types of solar panel installation:

Commercial Solar

Those empty flat roofs on big buildings are ideal for solar panels. It turns out, commercial and industrial businesses can use solar panels on their rooftops, parking lot canopies, or even open fields. 

This is a smart choice for businesses across the country as it helps them save money and can even make them some extra income.

Community Solar

Community solar is a special way to make solar energy available to those who can’t install panels on their property. Instead of having panels on your roof, community solar involves a big solar farm nearby. 

You can subscribe to this farm and get the benefits of the solar power it produces. It’s a way for more people to enjoy solar energy.

Residential Solar

This type of solar panel installation is often placed on the roofs of single-family houses. However, they can also be on the ground, carports, or pergolas. 

These panels provide electricity to your home and send extra power back to the grid, helping lower your electricity bill through net metering.

Utility-Scale Solar

Electricity for your home usually comes from big power plants that use fossil fuels or nuclear energy. But now, more utilities are using big solar and wind projects to make electricity. 

These utility-scale solar installations are huge, much bigger than home systems, and they sell power to utilities. This means they can provide electricity for many homes and businesses.

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