Calling All Solar Installation Companies to Apply for the 2023 Top Solar Contractors List

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According to Kelly Pickerel, Solar Power World’s editor-in-chief, the Top Solar Contractors season is something they look forward to each year. 

A notable addition for 2023, the Top Solar Contractors List will now encompass companies within the “community solar” market. Recognizing that this sector is distinct from the utility or commercial segments, Solar Power World is dedicated to acknowledging contractors focused on this specialized field.

The Solar Power World Top Solar Contractors List stands as the premier annual compilation of solar contractors in the United States, spanning the utility, commercial, community, and residential sectors. 

These companies are classified and cataloged based on their specific services, markets, and states according to the previous year’s installed kilowatt capacity. This list provides local solar installers an invaluable opportunity for marketing, allowing them to broadcast their successful installations. 

All companies engaged in solar project installations across the United States are cordially invited to participate in this exclusive list. Top Solar Contractors List applicants must designate a primary service (developer, EPC, installer, electrical subcontractor, installation subcontractor, or sales partner) and a primary market (residential, commercial, community, utility, or off-grid) on their applications. 

To establish eligibility, applicants must furnish verification of installation figures by submitting 2022 project specifics within an Excel document. The Solar Power World editorial team will meticulously validate submitted data using state interconnection records and utility documentation. 

Information provided will solely be used for the intended purpose and will not be shared for solicitation. The submitted project data will be disposed of after verification of installation numbers.

In addition to state, market, and service listings, Solar Power World introduces a sub-list for Top Solar + Storage Installers, ranking companies based on the quantity of energy storage (measured in kilowatt-hours) incorporated with solar projects. 

To be eligible for this 2023 list, applicants must simply include an extra column on their Excel document indicating storage installations. Detailed information is accessible on the application page.

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